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In South Africa, bonds give many home buyers the finances that they require to purchase a home or renovate their current property. While home loan rates fluctuate over time we specialize in providing you with the best options available.

We know that every home owner is different and that bonds need to be flexible and adaptable to cater to clients with differing financial situations. Our property finance consultants are experienced in assisting clients throughout the entire home loan application process and can help you to find the best bond for your budget.

While banks typically score applicants using set criteria such as income level, existing debt and credit rating, this leads to many suitable applicants being rejected even though they meet a significant number of requirements. We assess each application individually and examine every aspect of the applicant’s financial history and current situation. We are able under certain circumstances to help you even though you might be declined. Our specialist financial services are available should there be any problems during the process.

Searching on the bonds market for home loans that meet your specific requirements that will not put too much strain on your finances can be time consuming and confusing. Home buyers are constantly confronted with promises of super low interest rates, flashy extra features and other promises that may seem enticing at first glance.

MAS Financial services offer competitive interest rates, real innovative equity access and risk management, while providing a thorough, honest and transparent service. We don’t make promises that we can’t keep.

Because your home bond is likely to be a relatively large sum it can take many years to pay it off. Choose a helpful, trustworthy and transparent bond provider such as MAS Financial Services to guide you through the bond application process as well as assist you throughout the term of your home loan.

At the end of the day, all you need to do is make the most suitable decision and save big, plus by using our services, the process of home ownership becomes much easier to understand if you have professional advice and guidance.

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